Structurally Sound Contractors
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Our History

History of Truth, Transparency and Trust

Forged by a history centered on three foundational principles, our journey wasn’t a result of chance, but rather a path with purpose. Truth, Transparency, and Trust – these cornerstones have not only underpinned our triumphs but also united our visionary founders. Recognizing the way client relationships could be improved created an opportunity which led to the partnership in Master Rollers Painting between Joe Gonzalez and Rigo Perez.

A shared vision and unwavering dedication paved the way for the transition from Master Rollers Painting to Structurally Sound Contractors. Each progressive step was taken intentionally to better reflect our mission, our loyalty to clients, and our dedication to the 3 T’s. Today, Structurally Sound Contractors remains steadfast in forming client long-standing relationships by upholding these fundamental values, understanding that Truth breeds Transparency and Transparency fosters Trust.

Our Mission

To Strengthen and Beautify

Our mission is simple: To strengthen and beautify the communities we work in and the lives of those that live in them. We are committed to more than just restoring buildings; we aim to create spaces that inspire, uplift, and enhance the quality of life for all. Together we can build a better future for our communities and make a difference in the lives of those who call them home.

A Message From Our Team

We are honored that when it comes to Building Restoration, Waterproofing, Painting, and Maintenance needs for your community you think of us.

There are plenty of choices out there and you choosing us means the world to our team. Looking back on the last several years allows us to reflect on the growth we have all experienced and even more important it has allowed us to reflect on the most important part of that growth and success, your trust in us.

We have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and as your trusted solutions provider we thank you for believing in us. It is your support that allows us to continue making a difference, strengthening, and beautifying communities and the lives of those that live in them.

Our Team

Trusted Professionals

Industry experts with over 50+ combined years of experience working in the South Florida region.

Join Our Team

If you are passionate about construction and eager to be a part of a company dedicated to making a positive impact in communities, we invite you to use the button below to send us your resume and information for consideration.

Ediorge Fernandez

Director of Field Operations


Edi graduated from Ashworth College with an associate degree in construction science and has over 22 years of experience in the caulking and waterproofing industry. He brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience to our team.

Edi has worked with many different product manufacturers of sealants, expansion joints, deck coatings, and below grade waterproofing. He is also factory certified by Bowman Watson, Tremco, Sika, Master Seal, Xypex, Neo guard, GCP Cretpro, and Pecora.

Edi has had a very successful career with 10 years as an installer, 5 years as foreman and 6 years as project manager overseeing multiple multi-million-dollar projects. As a Director of Field Operations for Structurally Sound Contractors, Edi manages and oversees day to day field operations, schedules, and crew to ensure successful project execution.

Rudy Silva

Director of Business Development


Over the past decade Rudy’s career revolved around the thriving condominium and HOA industry. Starting a prosperous career with Sherwin-Williams in 2006, he diligently catered to the unique needs of condominium associations, property management companies, and structural engineering firms. By meticulously understanding each project and client’s requirements he formulated innovative paint specification systems and gained the trust of many firms as dependable partner.

As a result, he had the privilege of being involved in over 100 high profile projects. He later joined a painting contractor seeking new challenges and gain experience in the South Florida repaint and concrete restoration market. Driven by a shared vision and a desire to transcend the conventional contractor-client relationship Rudy joined Structurally Sound Contractors in 2023.

With a passion for building successful partnerships, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Rudy oversees all the sales and marketing initiatives for SSC Florida while cultivating and growing relationships with structural engineers, property managers and associations.

Olga Revuelta

Office Manager


Olga brings over 30 years of professional experience in a corporate setting. She joined Structurally Sound Contractors in 2021 and oversees daily operations of the office to ensure administrative effectiveness. Her excellent leadership and organizational skills play an important role in keeping everything organized and processes flowing smoothly.

Her desire for accuracy and attention to detail has helped in setting up procedures in becoming more efficient in the day-to-day tasks. She is highly personable and treats each employee as a valuable part of the team. Prior to joining our team, Olga held office manager and human resources manager positions at various large firms in Miami-Dade area.

Rigo Perez



After graduating from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Rigo began his career in the finance and banking industry. The experience gained over 12 successful years set a stage for what has now transcended into the coating business.

In 2104 a personal desire to change careers led him to work with Allstar Painting as Business Development Manager focusing on strategic growth. After just one short year with the company, he took over the daily operations of new construction and residential repaint division. His goal was to always do the job better, faster and within budget.

His past experiences allowed him to develop a tried and proven method to the repaint process providing clients with transparency and unparalleled value. His involvement, processes and expertise in organizational structure not only became beneficial to the internal culture of the firm but, more importantly, to successful execution of multi-million dollar projects.

Today his contributions to Master Rollers Painting, Inc. dba Structurally Sound Contractors in much the same way allows the firm to continue to provide its clients with unmatched services tailored to their concrete restoration, waterproofing, painting, and pressure cleaning needs. Rigo oversees daily operation for Structurally Sound Contractors (SSC Florida) ensuring that the vision and strategy developed is properly and successfully implemented.

Joe Gonzalez


Joe brings over 20 years of successfully running companies. He started his career unlike many others. While most companies offered pressure cleaning services to their clients as subcontracted work, Joe recognized a need for more specialized contractor to handle volume requirements of larger community associations and new construction.

In 2006 he started R & R Commercial Surface Cleaning. Over the next decade he worked on expanding the business and eventually 10 years later, due to a growing demand from his clients, began to offer painting services. In 2017 Master Rollers Painting, Inc was formed to offer residential and commercial painting and waterproofing services with the same levels of quality and value R & R had for so many years.

Today, R & R still exists and Master Rollers has become South Florida’s leading contractor specializing in concrete restoration, waterproofing, painting, and pressure cleaning. In 2023 Master Rollers has rebranded and is now known as Structurally Sound Contractors (SSC Florida).