Plantation Walk


Painting, Waterproofing


Plantation, FL


Kaufman Lynn Construction


McNamara Silva

Designed by BC Architects, Plantation Walk is a luxurious and vibrant mixed-use project consisting of residential buildings, retail, and office space.  This project showcases the successful integration of aesthetics, functionality, and community engagement in a new development.  The project’s most evident achievement is its exceptional transformation of Plantation Walk’s appearance. 

The carefully curated color palette, thoughtfully harmonized with the architectural elements, has breathed life into the entire development. The vibrant colors and balanced combinations have turned Plantation Walk into an inviting and attractive destination, setting a new standard for contemporary urban design.  Structurally Sound Contractors was responsible for painting and waterproofing all the retail buildings and common area amenities

Exterior of Plantation Walk residential and retail buildings in Plantation, FL

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